Lighting is Our Passion

DesignLight represents the integration of lighting design aesthetics bridging the worlds of celebrations, corporate meetings and events, and architecture. It reflects a growing synthesis of our desire to create dramatic environments and experiences revealed by light, whether over the span of a few hours or over many years.

We are shaped by the transformative nature of this medium, and although seemingly transparent, the powerful effect of great lighting reveals in us a sense of intuitive rightness and comfort.

Len's passion and talents over his professional career of several decades providing lighting design services here and around the world have been focused towards this end.

Commitment to Clients

We are a full-spectrum provider of lighting design and creative services within the disciplines of events, meeting production, and architecture. In our approach to every project, we combine:

  • A client focused design sense
  • An artistic sensibility
  • A comprehensive knowledge of the latest equipment and technologies
  • A practical and timely execution of project management

With DesignLight's combination of talented people, and their delight in achieving exciting outcomes, each client receives an imaginative and well executed solution to more than fulfill their expectations.