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Donald Alexis & Myriam Michel

Seaport Boston Hotel
Boston, Massachusetts

When Donald Alexis met Myriam Michel at her parents’ Christmas party in 2001, he was immediately smitten. Myriam, on the other hand, was thoroughly enjoying the independence of being 16. After some persistence on his end—“He is a sweet talker,” she says—she finally agreed to a date, and over the next few months they talked on the phone for hours every day. Little did Myriam know that Donald, who had emigrated from Haiti just the year before and was still working on his English, would write down questions to ask her beforehand to make sure their conversations went smoothly.

Thirteen years later, Myriam and Donald celebrated their love with an intimate ceremony and dinner at the Seaport Boston Hotel, surrounded by those who had supported them along the way, including their one-year-old son, Dario. As the owner of M & M Elite Events, Myriam has had plenty of experience planning weddings—but this one was, of course, the most important. For her own big day, the coordinator focused on designing a reception with an intimate dinner-party vibe and plenty of nods to her and Donald’s shared Haitian heritage. “I had a client’s wedding two weeks before mine, which was a little crazy,” Myriam says. “But it all kind of just fell together.”

After the couple’s in-the-round ceremony, guests retreated to the Lighthouse Ballroom, where they enjoyed Haitian-rum-based cocktails (hers was a mai tai, his a hurricane), fried plantains and goat kebabs, and music from a Haitian DJ. “Seeing all of our family and friends together was my favorite part,” Myriam says. “The one thing I can give as parting advice is to make sure you have fun—because at the end of the day it goes by so fast.”